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As vision and audition are the 2 effective human senses, this project is focusing on sound and colour, the matters of both senses. The hypothesis is that sound and colour relate to each other, or human can connect them together.

From research, both sound and colour are in wave form and is divided by human perception into ranges. Range of colour in visible light is called spectrum and range of sound is called musical notes. By observation, those ranges are formed according to human limitation in sound and colour separation, however, both sets of ranges surprisingly have 7 sections. In this project, a colour range and a musical note is matched, for example, C is matched with red.

Finally, a piece of sound is composed and is tested with set of matching colours which may cause the audience to sense the relationship between them.
Design Director: Taechit Jiro
Designer/Motion Graphic Designer: Ekawit Lekviriyakul