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NONCITIZEN Quad (aka NCTZ Quad) is a slab-serif typeface with a geometric and minimal look. During the research, we look deeply into slab-serif and geometric typeface history.

Resembling early computer font face, NCTZ Quad is almost monospaced. The typeface brings back the touch of mid-20th century techno-era. Combining square geometric form and slab-serif bold identity together, NCTZ Quad is technical, functional but also stately. Narrow-space kerning bonds the characters together and creates a unique impact.

Even though NCTZ Quad evokes the appearance of the techno-era, it still properly fits in futuristic and contemporary design.

NCTZ Quad comes in latin-script opentype and available in webfont format.

Design Director: Taechit Jiro
Art Director: Ekawit Lekviriyakul
Designer: Naphon Puthipatanakul
Technician: Taechit Jiro and Naphon Puthipatanakul

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